Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures

Breast Reduction in Tampa Bay

Breast Reduction surgery by Dr. Wayne Lee, reduces the weight and size of breasts and can help alleviate symptoms such as back pain, neck pain and bra strap grooving. Because this reduction will lift the breasts, the result is usually a smaller, more attractive breast. Dr. Wayne Lee’s expertise in breast surgery will discuss options to achieve the shape and size that the patient desires. Breast Reduction must be carefully individualized to each patients needs. Breast Reduction has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Tampa and Brandon areas.

Over the years, many patients have suffered from large breasts, and although a certain percentage of breast tissue is fatty tissue, oftentimes no matter how much weight you loose, your breasts still remain large. Some women feel as if they need to gain weight in order to remain in proportion to their breasts. Combined with the fact that larger breasts make it nearly impossible to exercise or loose weight, it becomes a vicious cycle.

Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings of all surgical procedures according to the 2001 American Society of Plastic Surgeons Patient Review Study. Breasts will be smaller, higher, perkier than ever before. And although time and gravity may continue to work, most patients are really happy with their results.

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