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About Breast Revision

Breast implants from a breast augmentation procedure do not always last forever. For those who have undergone breast augmentation surgery and are dissatisfied with their results, have capsular contractures, breast pain, implant rupture, or deformity, Dr. Wayne Lee is the surgeon of choice to help determine if a revision breast augmentation is recommended for you.

Women needing breast augmentation revision surgery are referred to WLMD from physicians in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Riverview, Brandon, Valrico, Lakeland, and throughout the central Florida region.

Choosing an experienced breast revision surgeon is very important as these cases are typically more complex than the initial breast augmentation procedure. Common challenges include scar tissue or breast “capsule,” compromised blood supply, decreased skin quality, ruptured implant.

Candidates for Breast Revision

During your consultation, Dr. Lee and his staff with help determine if you are a candidate for revision surgery and if so, what type of revision. Dr. Lee will listen to your desires and will assess you to determine what surgical plan will be best for you. Whether you would like removal of your implants, removal, and replacement with new implants, or need a breast lift, Dr. Lee will guide you through what you should expect. Some breast implant companies cover the cost of the new implant during breast revision surgeries if your current implant is ruptured or you have formed capsular contracture. If that is the case for you, Dr. Lee and his team will help initiate the warranty process for you.

The Breast Revision Procedure

On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at our private office-based surgery center and be greeted by our experienced surgical nurse. You will then be taken to your preoperative room and provided with a warm blanket. After consents are signed and vital signs are taken, our nurse will start your IV. Our personal nurse anesthetist will interview you regarding your past health and surgeries to determine what type of anesthesia will be best for you.

For breast lift surgery, general anesthesia and ultrasound-guided nerve blocks are used. Ultrasound-guided regional and general nerve blocks are used to help provide an opioid-free/reduced anesthesia technique so that our patients go home with minimal pain and postoperative nausea. You will also see Dr. Lee on the morning of surgery prior to entering the operating room so you are able to discuss any extra expectations and ask any questions you may have.

This surgery generally takes between 2-5 hours in length depending on if there is implant rupture, capsule to remove, and whether new implants are to be placed.

The Breast Revision Recovery Process

After your surgery, your incisions will be dressed with waterproof and antimicrobial dressings, followed by a breast binder which you will wear for 4-6 weeks after surgery. You may also have one drain in each breast pocket to drain any excess blood or fluid. You should expect these to be easily removed in our office within 5-10 days after surgery. Your nurse and nurse anesthetist will take you to your private recovery room after surgery and monitor you until you are comfortable to be discharged home.

After surgery, it is normal to feel some degree of discomfort, pressure, and fatigue. Medication for pain control and antibiotics will be provided for you. Dr. Lee conveniently schedules the majority of his surgeries on Thursdays and Fridays so you are able to rest over the weekend and miss a minimal amount of work. Dr. Lee and his staff will see you within the first few days after surgery to change your dressings and ensure you are well-healed.

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Dr. Wayne Lee has helped many women in Tampa improve the results of a previous breast augmentation with his breast revision technique. If you’re interested in learning more about the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule your informative consultation today.

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