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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

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Dr. Wayne Lee in Tampa understands that no two eyes are the same. The features around our eyes give us clues in identifying each another. The signs of aging in this area can be one of the first signs of aging. This aging around the eyes is one of the first areas to become problematic in both men and women. Rejuvenation and a refreshed look of the eyes can take years of sun damage, as well as, take the look of stress away.Eyelid surgery is a popular procedure for men or women who want to regain a more youthful appearance. If you have an excess of loose skin in your upper eyelids, puffiness around or below your eyes, or fine wrinkles on your lower eyelids you may be a good candidate for Dr Wayne Lee. Dr. Lee takes extra care to ensure your incisions heal well and are not easily noticeable on your face. He will check your vitamin D level with your other preoperative lab work as studies show that a normal vitamin D level correlates with less abnormal scarring. He will also create the incision in the natural creases around your eyelids.

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Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgery you will arrive to our private office-based surgery center and be greeted by our experienced surgical nurse. You will then be taken to your preoperative room and provided with a warm blanket. After consents are signed and vital signs are taken, our nurse will start your IV, if applicable. You will also see Dr. Lee on the morning of surgery prior to entering the operating room so you are able to discuss any extra expectations and ask any questions you may have. Our nurse will then give you oral medications to help relax you and provide pain management. You will then be taken back to our private operating room and will be able to choose a music channel that helps to relax you and make you feel comfortable during the procedure.

These surgeries generally take between 1-3 hours in length depending on which surgery Dr. Lee determines is most suitable for your personal goals and safety.

After your surgery, your incisions will be dressed with antiotic ointment. Your nurse will take you to your private recovery room after surgery and monitor you until you are comfortable to be discharged home. After surgery it is normal to feel some degree of discomfort, pressure, swelling, and fatigue. Medication for pain control and antibiotics will be provided for you. Dr. Lee conveniently schedules the majority of his surgeries on Thursdays and Fridays so you are able to rest over the weekend and miss a minimal amount of work. Dr. Lee and his staff will see you within the first few days after surgery to change your dressings and ensure you are well-healed.

Contact Dr. Wayne Lee, double board-certified plastic surgeon to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 813-579-3369.

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