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He is the founder of “Return 2 Fitness,” a program for postoperative breast cancer patients who wish to return to their personal fitness routine and regain strength and a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Lee attends all Return 2 Fitness classes and will help show you safe and effective fitness exercises. A specialized dietician also attends the classes to speak about general nutrition for men and women with breast cancer, as well as specialty topics such as the “dirty dozen,” organic food selections, and the truth about soy.

Location: AdventHealth Tampa Health Park 3102 E 138th Avenue Tampa, FL 33613

Dates/times: Monday, Oct 28th, 2019 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Other Upcoming Dates:

Nov 18th | Dec 16th




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"My job is to make your image the best that it can be, and I cannot imagine spending my life doing anything else."

- Lee, Wayne MD -

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