I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 I had a double mastectomy in March of 2013! I immediately after the mastectomy I had breast ex-panders put in and began the process of my reconstruction. I survived two infections along with the removal of the left ex-pander along with months of costly therapy and two additional surgeries. Along the way I joined support group where in my second meeting I met 3 other survivors all with similar stories and we all had one common denominator we all shared the same plastic surgeon, a respected and experienced PS in the Bay Area Dr. Karen Wells. I finally came to the realization that sometimes it’s not the patient or the condition I knew that in order for me to end this chapter of my life and begin to feel whole I had to find the RIGHT Doctor. On September 8, 2014 Dr. Wayne C Lee operated on me and I was finally able to close the book on that part of my Breast Cancer Story. From my initial visit to my post op the difference were so significant. Dr. Lee gives you 100% attention to every element form day one, starkly different from Dr. Wells’ negligible response to any situation or question. He is so informative and on his game, even the undergarments he gave me were very different. As a patient just to know that your doctor is your partner and not just a visitor on your journey. I was also so impressed when I learned that he holds a once monthly “Return 2 Fitness” class at the local YMCA, it’s a 2 hour class where he brings in a dietitian, and a yoga instructor and works with you on cardio to help ease you back into health. I attended a Return to Fitness class in August and did yoga with Dr. Lee on the mat next to me. I am just so impressed by Dr. Lee and everyone on his staff. If you have any question at all that your doctor is not right don’t wait!