Just got a breast augmentation done with Dr.Lee & the experience was amazinggggg. Between him (Dr. Lee), his staff & anesthesiologist they were all wonderful & SUPERRRRR nice. It was my first surgery & going under so you can only imagine how freaked out I was walking in on my surgery day. However they were so nice & calming that I felt like I was going for a facial instead of surgery. After my surgery I have yet to feel any pain. It’s kind of bizarre, but that’s to show you that they KNOW what they are doing. I watched so many YouTube videos on breast augmentations & 97% of the girls I watched complained how they couldn’t breath, they felt like a elephant was sitting in there chest, felt nauseas, first 3 days where the worst, blah blah …. but I did not feel none of those things. My recovery has been GREAT!!! I would so do it all over again without the freaking out part. Long story short he is the best, his staff is the best, would recommend him a billion times to anyone that would like to get work done. Thank you Dr. Lee & staff you guys are the real MVP’s. 🙂